Sunday, July 20, 2014

How Do You Make Sure You Are Spending Enough Time With Each of Your Children?

Today I read Alma 34 - 38.  It is interesting to see what things Alma shares with his sons and how he does not share the same things with each one.  For example Shiblon gets the least amount of counsel as any of them.  Is this because he had the strongest testimony?  Or perhaps because he would not have as much responsibility as Helaman would have in the future.  I can tell you that in life if you are doing ok you might get overlooked by those in authority as they strive to help those that need more assistance.  I have experienced this at home, school, church and even work.  I have even been guilty of this myself at work in the past.  It is easy to forget about those employees that just quietly do what they are supposed to do because they are already doing what is needed.  But it is important to make sure that they get the needed face to face time that each of us crave. 

One of the things my Dad did to try and make sure he spent time with each of us is he would hold personal interviews with us as well as take us out on Daddy dates once a month.  Each of us would have some alone time with our Dad and in general we could do what we wanted to do.  Of course we could not spend a lot of money but if it was inexpensive we could choose the activity.  I remember those times very fondly even though I can only remember a few of them since they kind of tapered off as we got older.  It is something I want to continue doing with my children to ensure I spend at least some alone time with each of them from time to time.  It is easy right now since I only have one daughter but as we have more children I know I will need to make a more concentrated effort to make them each feel special.  But it is very worth it for sure.  Until tomorrow.

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