Monday, July 14, 2014

Triggers for Becoming Converted

Today I read Alma 22 - 24 where the king of the entire Lamanites is converted to the Lord.  I love how willing he is to learn about the Gospel.  He was truly touched by the Spirit when he met Ammon.  I wonder if everyone has a trigger like this to where they would hunger and thirst after righteousness?  I suspect that they do.  This is why some people are more prepared than others I think.  They have had their trigger and so they are now ready to hear the Gospel.

I have always wondered why the Lamanites got so mad at the Anti-Nephi-Lehi people.  I mean trying to put it in terms of today's world.  It is kind of like an entire congregation of another church joining the LDS church and then other congregations of the original church then going on a murder spree among the Latter-day Saints.  Just because they chose a different religion they get filled with murderous rage?  There are religions like that in today's world of course.  But why would someone want to be a part of that?  Why would you want to follow a religion which advocates murder?  In most cases for no reason other than the idea that they are not part of your religion.  No thank you.  I would much rather join one that advocates love for everyone, no matter if they agree with you or not.  That is what will make this world a much better place.  Even if I did not know this was the true Gospel of Jesus Christ that would just make sense to me.  Until tomorrow.

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