Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Cannot Be Shaken

Today I read Jacob 7 where Jacob contends with Sherem.  I have often wondered where Sherem came from.  Jacob says that Sherem came among the Nephites, does that mean he was a Lamanite?  I don't think so, I think Jacob would have recorded something as important as that.  Was he one of the people of Mulek?  It's possible, but again unlikely.  Most likely Sherem was indeed a Nephite and Jacob saying he came among the Nephites is just a phrase that Jacob used to describe Sherem traveling among the Nephites spreading his lies.

I also wonder why we as humans always try and prove others wrong.  I know it is pride.  Because the humble man doesn't care if it is known he is right.  He just goes about doing good because it is what God has commanded.  But Sherem was so eager to prove Jacob wrong that he even sought him out.  Jacob was just concerned that Sherem was spreading lies among his people, but knew that the truth of God would ultimately win out and wasn't overly worried I think.  Maybe he was and just didn't record it here, I am not sure.  But I know that when someone comes at me challenging my faith, I don't sweat it, because I know it is true and even if they manage to ask me a question I can't answer, it doesn't shake my faith.  I know God is real and Jesus Christ is a real being.  I don't need to physically see them to know this.  Nothing will shake my faith.  I hope each of you also have a strong testimony that you can rely upon in the face of uncertainty.  Until tomorrow. 

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