Monday, June 2, 2014

Stay True to your Spouse

Today I read Jacob 3 which is a continuation of Jacob 2 where he tells the Nephites about the sins of adultery.  It just breaks my heart to read when a family is broken up because of adultery.  I love my wife so much the very idea of being unfaithful to her makes me physically ill.  Why can't we all be faithful to each other and stay firm in our commitments to one another? 

I have often wondered why adultery is such a widespread practice anyway.  I mean we all have some variation of the same parts.  It's not like having sex with another woman is going to feel any different physically that it does with my wife.  So what is the draw to be attracted to people other than our spouses?  I think it is really just Satan trying everything he can to get us to sin and be bad.  We know that sex with others is bad and going to feel the same way, but because our bodies are so driven by sex and the desire to mate we get caught up in the hormones and sin.  But if we keep our minds pure and focus on the good things that attracted us to our spouse in the first place is the way to keep safe.  We should not even entertain thoughts of other people and when we are tempted, we need to make sure that we think instead of our spouse.  Stay clean and you will be happy.  Until tomorrow.

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