Friday, June 20, 2014

Were King Benjamin's People Baptized?

Today I read Mosiah 6 and I have often wondered at the wording in this chapter.  Did the people get baptized at this time?  I know in the Gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ one does not make a covenant without an ordinance happening at the same time.  But every other time it talks about the people making a covenant with God it does specifically mention baptism.  So maybe this time they did not get baptized.  But I do like that King Benjamin appointed priests and teachers to make sure that the people knew the Gospel and the will of God.  It was a very happy time for the people of Nephi during this time I believe.  I wonder if they took care of the poor among themselves?  I’ll bet they did and they were working towards becoming a Zion people.  I just think they did not have enough time to make it happen.  Little by little we are told.  One step at a time.  That is the way to achieve perfection.  Until tomorrow.

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