Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Like to Learn About Ancient Civilizations

Today I read the Book of Omni.  I think it is interesting how humans are interested in history and other peoples.  What causes this desire to know more about ancient cultures?  Why are we fascinated with them?  When I read about the Jaredites, why is it so exciting to me?  Why were the Nephites so desirous to know more about them?  Was it merely a desire to avoid the same fate as them?  Am I unique that I am intrigued by ancient civilizations and think that finding an ancient unpeopled city would be truly amazing and awesome?  When I hear stories about Pompei, Troy and even ancient Babylon I want to know what the lives of those people were like.  I want to know more about the Jaredites.  We know about the Nephites because we have their complete record, or what was left to us by Mormon.  But it is enough to know about them and their lives.  What Moroni left to us about the Jaredites is not much and a bare minimum of knowing what their lives were like.  I know I am jumping ahead several chapters, but what would it have been like to walk through the ruins of the Jaredite civilization and to find the plates Ether left behind?  It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it!  Until tomorrow.

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