Monday, June 16, 2014

Repentance Will Set You Free

Today I read Mosiah 2 and there are a lot of things that one can pick out of this chapter.  The main thing I was personally struck with how King Benjamin tells his people to ponder on the awful state of the wicked.  We learn much later in the Book of Alma that wickedness never was happiness.  If you think about other stories from the scriptures, particularly the Prodigal Son, we learn this is true.  That when people are in the depths of debauchery, they are unhappy and depressed.  I think truly the real reason so many people are depressed in this life is because they are living a life of wickedness and sin. 

I remember when I was a missionary how happy and amazing it was to see someone truly repent of their sins and turn their life around for the better.  The weight of sin is so heavy and harsh and we often don’t even realize it is there until it is lifted from our shoulders.  Once we become clean and turn our lives around we realize how much we missed the light of Christ.  It is something that we take for granted too often I think.  But it is so sweet when we get it back after we have lost it.  It is wonderful indeed!  Until tomorrow.

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