Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Choices of Jarom

Today I read the Book of Jarom and I was struck right away that Jarom did not want to add any of the revelations he had personally received, because he feels that they would not add to what has already been recorded by his father, grandfather and grand-uncle, Nephi.  Instead, he uses what little space he has remaining on the small plates to record the habits of the Lamanites.  This to me is incredibly interesting.  Why would he choose to talk about the Lamanites and what they are doing as opposed to what his people experience on a spiritual basis.  He does in fact inform us that there were prophets among the Nephites and that they are a happy people over all.  But I still find it strange that he chose to focus more on the mundane compared to the spiritual.  But he must have felt is was important for us to know the disposition of the Lamanites.  Until tomorrow.

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