Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Jacob Was Given Weaknesses Too

Today I read Jacob 4 and a few things stood out to me.  Jacob mentions it is hard to record their language on plates.  It got me wondering is there a language that is easy to record on plates?  I mean you are using a nail, most likely, to scratch in symbols, letters, pictures, into metal.  I can't imagine that is easy no matter what your method of speech is.  Just made me chuckle a little bit.

I also liked how Jacob freely admits that he has faults.  In fact he says they were given to him by Heavenly Father so that he could grow.  So why is it we have such a hard time growing from our weaknesses that we were given in this day and age?  I have no problem believing when a person who is attracted to the same sex tells me they were born this way, but that does not mean they have to act on it.  I was born with a weakness for sexual appetites also in a different fashion, but that gives me no more right to indulge in them that it does a person with same sex attraction.  We are given weaknesses to grow and become better men and women, not to prove that the flesh has mastery over us.  When we can learn to be the masters of our bodies, then we will be in a great place.  Until tomorrow.

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