Monday, June 23, 2014

Zeniff Sees the Good in the Lamanites

Today I read Mosiah 9 which is the first chapter in the history of the people of Limhi, starting with his grandfather, Zeniff.  I have always liked how Zeniff sees the good in everyone.  Of course he is blinded by this trait later when he gives the kingdom to his son, Noah.  But it is really good how he sees that the Lamanites are just like the Nephites and does not want to hurt them.  If we all looked at our "enemies" in that light there would be no more war I think.  Shouldn't we all want to see the good in each other?  I know God prefers to see us be good and act appropriately.  So that is enough for me to want to behave in an appropriate manner also.  Until tomorrow.

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