Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Impart of Your Substance - One Heart and One Mind

Today I read Mosiah 4 which makes a lot of Latter-day Saints very uncomfortable, because King Benjamin commands us to impart of our substance to others who stand in need.  As I was reading this and pondering on it, I could not help but have Moses 7:18 come into my mind which of course is a description of the people of Zion.  It says that they were of one heart and one mind and there was no poor among them.

I have been thinking on what it means to be of one heart and one mind and I think I might have an inkling of what it means.  If you are of one heart and mind, it bothers you that there are those who do not have enough.  You look around at those who are suffering and your heart aches for them and so you give, not because you feel obligated, but because you feel the love of Christ coursing through you and you cannot help but give.  You give out of love for the individual.  You want them to be happy and to have the good things of life.  Just like a good man or woman wants their family to be well cared for, they view everyone as their family.  That is what it means to be of one heart and one mind I think.  You cannot stand to see those without and suffering so you do something about it.  That is where we need to get to.  Until tomorrow.

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