Saturday, June 28, 2014

Stand Firm in Your Faith

Today I read Mosiah 12 where the people capture Abinadi and deliver him to King Noah.  I often wonder why people try and trick one another.  In this chapter the priests of Noah are trying to trick Abinadi into going back on something he has said supposedly to show that he is not a prophet of God.  I love how Abinadi however stands tall and firm in his knowledge of the Gospel and his calling as a prophet.  He testifies against the priests of Noah and testifies of their iniquities.  It reminds me of a statement I recall one of the Apostles saying once, that good chooses not to associate with evil, but evil cannot abide goodness and so must flee.  I suppose that is why the servants of God are content to speak our minds and then let it be, but the agents of the evil one continuously try and prove that they are right and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is false.  And sadly for them, they can’t do it, because the Gospel is truth.  Like Abinadi, we need to stand tall and firm in our faith when questioned by those that would seek to destroy our faith.  Darkness cannot cover light, it will always shine forth and we need to let it out of us and share our testimony with all those around us.  Until tomorrow.

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