Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Levites Given Care of the Ark

Today I read 1 Chronicles 15 where David prepares the Levites for the safe keeping of the Ark.  I have always likened the Ark to the temple in my own mind and so when the Lord wants certain people only to handle the Ark, to me that is similar to being called as a temple worker.  Sure lots of people, Latter-day Saints, can do it, but you have to be called and set apart to perform the ordinances with authority. 

The Lord has always led His people when His church has been on the earth.  I think the only time in history that He was not in communication with His people were during the dark ages.  Anytime His people, who have had the proper authority, or the Priesthood, have gathered together to worship Him, He has guided them through His prophets.  Now that I think about it, a thought occurs to me, during the Dark Ages, were people still able to receive personal revelation?  If a person truly had faith in God and prayed, was he still able to get an answer to that prayer?  I would think so, but I honestly don't have an answer for that question.  It will have to be one I ponder on and may not get an answer to until the next life since it really doesn't matter to my eternal progress here and now.  Just a fun fact to ponder on.  Until tomorrow.

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