Monday, January 21, 2013

David Retrieves the Ark

Today I read 1 Chronicles 11 - 13.  These chapters concern David and his taking of power and his mighty men and their deeds.  However chapter 13 deals with the bringing home of the Ark of the Covenant and the death of Uzza who tried to steady the Ark when the oxen stumbled.  As I stated when we read this account earlier in the Old Testament that this story has always confused me why the Lord would kill someone who was trying to be helpful.  David apparently felt the same way as the scriptures state he was displeased with how the Lord handled it.  So instead of taking the Ark to Bethlehem as he had planned, he instead took it to Obed-edom. 

It is true that certain things of the Lord have to be done a certain way.  Saving ordinances come to mind immediately.  It is just so hard to imagine the Lord slaying someone for trying to be helpful, for doing something noble and right, if that is in fact what Uzza was trying to do.  We don't know the mind of Uzza and only have the account of those that saw, or think they saw what happened.  At least I assume that is how we have the story.  We will know the full story one day and I assume the reasons behind why Uzza was slain, but then again, perhaps we won't.  Perhaps we just need to trust in God and have faith.  Until tomorrow.

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