Wednesday, January 30, 2013

David Prepares Solomon

Today I read 1 Chronicles 23 - 28.  Most of the chapters were more information on the census of Israel and what their various functions are.  David spent some time with his son Solomon talking to him about what God expects of him and how to go about building the temple.  It's not wonder to me that Solomon starts out so good in the eyes of the Lord, David really took the time it seems to work with him and help him understand how to be a good king and do what is right before the Lord.  What a world it would be if every Father took the opportunity to do that with his children.  Although, in all fairness Satan can still wreak havoc, after all, I don't think anyone would dispute that Adam taught his children the right way to go and look what happened to Cain.  Still, one can dream.  Until tomorrow.

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