Monday, January 28, 2013

David Sins and Repents

Today I read 1 Chronicles 21 which contains a story that makes absolutely no sense to me.  David orders a census taken of his people, and for some reason that I cannot being to fathom, that angers the Lord and his chief captain, Joab.  For the life of me, I cannot understand why taking a census of his people would anger the Lord. 

The real part of the story that intrigues me however is that after David suffers for his decision he makes an offering to the Lord.  However, he goes to a man named Ornan and wants to use his land to build an altar.  Ornan wants to just give the land to David to use for making the offering, however David refuses to take the land from him since it is meant to be used for burnt offerings to the Lord and pays him full price for the value of the land.  David then makes a burnt offering and the Lord sends fire down from heaven to consume the burnt offering.  What a way to know that your offering was accepted!  If only everything we did for the Lord was accepted in such a dramatic fashion.  Until tomorrow.

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