Thursday, January 10, 2013

Assyria Destroys Israel

Today I read 2 Kings 17 where Israel is carried away captive by Assyria.  It occurred to me today during my reading that perhaps there are those who have the weakness of not following the Lord.  There are those with just about every other kind of weakness out there, food, sex, illegal drugs and alcohol, why not those that have a weakness for following the Lord and doing what He commands them?  This is about the only way I can reconcile myself to how often the Israelites stop following Heavenly Father when He has proven Himself to be real to them time and time again.  I mean, they have got to be the most dense, dumbest people out there.  So perhaps that was their weakness, they had a challenge with following the Lord and His commandments.  Or perhaps they were just that dumb.  I really don't know.  Until tomorrow.

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