Friday, January 18, 2013

Jerusalem is Destroyed

Today I read 2 Kings 25 where Babylon destroys Jerusalem.  I wonder how many people felt like Laman and Lemuel, that Jerusalem was too great a city to be destroyed?  I wonder how many people felt that God had forsaken THEM when Babylon took over?  I wonder how many people knew the truth, that they had been destroyed because they forsook God, not the other way around?  I'm sure there were some righteous still in Jerusalem, at least I think there were.  Perhaps not, maybe they were ripe for destruction.  They did chase out Lehi for his prophecies.

The Lord uses the wicked to punish the wicked.  He has often used war as a way to stir up the memories of those who should be faithfully serving Him.  People often look towards heaven when things are going poorly.  It is a lot harder to look to heaven when things are going great.  That is true discipleship.  Do you stay true to your covenants and to your faith when things are going fine?  Several people have said that what you do when no one is watching is a true measure of your character.  Do you live your covenants when no one is around, or only when someone is watching?  Perhaps Jerusalem lived their covenants in public, but not private too.  Food for thought.  Until tomorrow.

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