Tuesday, January 29, 2013

David Prepares Materials to Build the Temple

Today I read 1 Chronicles 22 where David prepares materials for the building of the temple of the Lord for his son, Solomon.  That's pretty cool in my opinion.  David was forbidden to build the temple himself and so he did the next best thing, he prepared all the necessary materials for building the temple and got everything ready for his son, Solomon.  I had often wondered why David was forbidden to build a temple and in this chapter he tells his son Solomon it was because of all the wars he had waged in his time.  Heavenly Father did not want his temple, His house, built on a foundation of blood and war.  That makes perfect sense to me, the temple is the building where the most sacred ordinances of all time are performed, it should not be built on the blood and bones of others.  You can't fault David for his good intentions though, he was the Lord's man through and through.  It was just not his fate to build the temple, or to have peace without war.  Until tomorrow.

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