Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hezekiah Seeks Help From Isaiah and the Lord

Today I read 2 Kings 19 which continues the story of Hezekiah in his fight against Assyria.  In order to get help from God, Hezekiah approached Isaiah, the prophet.  Few prophets are as well known as Isaiah, he's almost like a superhero!  He tells Hezekiah not to worry that He will smite the armies of the Assryians, and he does.  In the night, the destroying angel slays 185,000 of the Assyrian army which causes their king to flee back to Nineveh where his son kills him.

We will of course read more about Isaiah later when we read his own book.  But he is definitely one of the people out of history that I am looking forward to meeting one day.  Along with Nephi and Moroni and a few others.  It is always neat to imagine what these men of God were like in real life.  I know they were righteous but were they as humble as they appear to be in the scriptures?  What did they look like?  Were they as humble as President Monson?  It would be really neat I think to know their history and know them personally I think.  Maybe I'll get to meet them one day.  That would be really awesome!  Until tomorrow.

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