Saturday, January 26, 2013

David Goes to War

Today I read 1 Chronicles 18 where David goes to war against several different people.  David is blessed of the Lord and conquers everyone he goes to war with.  I have said before that the only good reason to go to war is because God commands you to.  Otherwise it is a sin in my opinion and we will be held accountable to it.  Now, in the past God has had a standing commandment that as long as we are not guilty of the first offense we may defend our lands, family and liberty.  I can only assume that this has been the directive from the beginning. 

It must be hard to be a leader, to be responsible for not only your actions but for the actions of all those under you.  I certainly have a challenge with it at work sometimes with my employees I could not imagine being in charge of an entire country.  I don't think I will have to worry about that personally.  I have no ambitions to be President of the country or a leader of anything really.  Unless the Lord steps in and has something different to say, I think I am safe from that burden.  And I certainly won't start any feuds of any kind on my own so I think I am safe from the problems of war for myself.  Until tomorrow.

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