Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Josiah Cleanses Judah

Today I read 2 Kings 23 where Josiah the King of Judah really cleans house and it is a pleasure to read!  He doesn't just do as kings in the past have done he really spring cleans.  He casts down the high places, he empties out sepulchers and burns the bones inside.  He banishes the wizards and those who consort with the powers of the devil.  The scriptures state that Judah never had such a king before him and not one after him.  But sadly it was not enough.  His own son returns to the sins of those before them.

I've said it before, not following the commandments is such an easy path to take.  Most of those so called "gods" involve sex and fertility as part of their "rites".  It makes perfect sense why Israel and some individuals would be drawn away to it.  It is easy to understand, but it is not acceptable and it is not a good enough reason when they stand before God and have to answer to that all seeing gaze.  Their excuses will sound very hollow in their ears then.  We need to make sure that we are not falling into the same trap as them of old in our modern day with our false gods of pornography, television, sports, video games, or whatever it is that you give your devotion to.  Your excuse will sound just as hollow I promise.  Until tomorrow. 

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