Monday, January 14, 2013

Judah Has Wicked Kings Again

Today I read 2 Kings 21 where a king named Manasseh reigns in wickedness.  It is so hard to read this up and down of spiritualness in Israel over and over again.  I think I feel a slight amount of the sadness and frustration that God must have felt over these wayward children.  It has to be very frustrating indeed.  

Sadly, I will most likely experience this feeling with my own children one day.  I really wish it were otherwise but the chances of all my children having strong testimonies and sticking with the church their whole lives if I have multiple children is small indeed if my own families' history is anything to go off of.  However, I will trust in the promises of the Apostles and Prophets and God Himself have made that all children born in the covenant, or sealed to their parents, have a hold on them.  But I also will do my best not to worry about it until/if, that time comes.  Until tomorrow.

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