Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why Was Moses Bad at Speaking?

Today I read 2 Nephi 3 where Lehi speaks to his son Joseph.  I find the context of this speech to his son, especially given how young Joseph was, very interesting.  Why would Lehi talk about Joseph who was sold into Egypt as the last thing he would say to his son on this earth.  The last speech he would give.  Now there is a lot to find in this chapter and it is all good to hear.  But as a final speech to his son?  The last things he said to Laman and Lemuel and Jacob were more fitting in my opinion.  Perhaps Lehi wanted little Joseph to know the reason he was named Joseph. 

As I was reading this chapter I got to wondering, why did the Lord make Moses mighty in writing but not in speaking?  Could it be He was trying to help Moses be humble?  I know it would be hard to be humble if you were good at everything.  Perhaps it was all meant to help Moses learn humility?  To ask for help.  Like most of the thoughts that come to me, I don’t have an answer, but I know that the Lord does everything for a reason.  We also know from the book of Ether that the Lord gives men weaknesses to bring them to Him, so it is entirely possible that He gave Moses this weakness for that very reason.  We do know that Moses was one of the most humble men to have lived so if that is why the Lord gave it to him, it worked!  Each of us needs to turn to the Lord when we have a weakness to make sure that we are relying upon Him and the Atonement.  He is the one who can help us overcome out trials and our weaknesses.  If we don’t turn to Him, they are almost impossible to overcome.  Until tomorrow.

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