Saturday, April 19, 2014

Laman and Lemuel's Light and Knowledge

Today I read 1 Nephi 22 where Nephi explains the chapters he just read in Isaiah to his brothers.  As I sit and ponder on this chapter it makes me wonder, how much did Laman and Lemuel know before they forgot?  Before their light and knowledge was taken from them?  Were they as faithful as Nephi when they were younger?  Or were they always wicked and rejecting the teachings of God? 

No one is born unrighteous.  All men have the light of Christ in them when they are born.  All men are born innocent.  So where does the change come from?  Why do some men reject the truth?  What causes them to go against the light and knowledge they have been given by their parents and the teachings?  Is it merely getting blinded by the enticements of the world?  Or is there a deeper reason?  We were put here on the earth in order to choose for ourselves what we wanted out of this world.  The veil is in place so we cannot remember how happy we were with Heavenly Father so we would be unbiased when we choose.  But it is so sad how many of us choose poorly.  It breaks my heart to see in the news that so many people are not teaching their children the right way to live.  And I don’t even like to dwell on the more ghastly stories in the news.  Each of us has to choose for ourselves what we want out of life.  If we want the things of the world, or the things of the Spirit.  I have made my choice.  This world sickens me more each day.  I cannot wait for the Millennium to come and wash away all the junk of this world.  May it come quickly.  Until tomorrow.

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