Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Women of the Book of Mormon

Today I read 1 Nephi 16 where the episode with the bows breaking and Nephi not being able to find food for his family is recounted.  I am often almost incredulous at this chapter just because it shows that Laman, and most likely Lemuel, are truly murderers.  They were plotting to kill Nephi and their father.  The way I read the scriptures the only thing that stopped them is the Lord personally spoke to them and they repented of their sins and abandoned their plan to kill Nephi and Lehi.

What would that be like?  I mean I know when they were teenagers my older brothers were not the nicest of people and I was scared of them at times, but I never once was afraid they would kill me, or even cause serious bodily harm to me.  I cannot even imagine what it must be like to be Nephi and know that your brothers not only dislike you, but have actively tried to kill you on more than one occasion. 

I also wonder what Nephi's poor wife thought of all of this.  Was she as righteous as he was?  Or did she get annoyed with Nephi always being righteous and never faltering?  Was she his confidant and his pillar of strength when he would get so upset with his brothers and want to fight back?  Did she help mold him into the prophet that we all know him to be?  It's a shame that the culture of the Book of Mormon did not talk about their women more.  I feel there is a lot to know and learn about them and we will not know it until we pass through on the other side and get to know them personally.  I would like to think however that the women in the Book of Mormon, especially the wives of the prophets, were just as remarkable as they were.  Until tomorrow. 

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