Friday, April 11, 2014

The Lord's Wrath is Poured Out

Today I read 1 Nephi 14 and a phrase stood out to me.  It might be nothing, but the way it was written caught my attention.  In verse 16 Nephi states that he saw wars and rumors of wars surrounding the church of the devil, or the Mother of Harlots.  Then Nephi states that the angel told him that the wrath of the Lord is poured out upon that church.  Which got me thinking, were the wars caused by the wrath of God?  Was God stirring other peoples up to anger against the church of the devil?  I kind of doubt it, but just the way that it was written really made me kind of sit up and take notice.  It was interesting to say the least and it still makes me wonder if there is in fact a connection between the two. 

All of us who know the doctrine know that wars and rumors of wars are part of what is to happen before the Second Coming and seems as natural as the Book of Mormon coming forth.  But does that mean that the Lord is stepping back and allowing Satan more free reign to come in and do what he does best, or is the Lord in some cases helping to cause it?  I kind of doubt the latter but perhaps the former is true.  Either way, one need only look around to see the truthfulness of it happening right now in our day.  It's is very sad and more than a little concerning to me.  But it has to happen in order for the Savior to come again.  May it happen soon so we can all get back to a better place!  Until tomorrow.

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