Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lehi's Last Words to Laman, Lemuel, Sam and Zoram

Today I read 2 Nephi 1 where Lehi speaks to Laman, Lemuel, Sam and Zoram.  Zoram is a very interesting man.  He was given the choice to come with them on their journey or be killed.  Now, most of us in that situation would in fact chose to go on the journey.  But it appears that he really did adapt and become a member of the family.  Lehi here says that Zoram is a true friend to Nephi forever.  And we hear nothing of him other than this and that he goes along with Nephi and the others when they flee from Laman and Lemuel.  He is a very unique man indeed.

Just when I think that maybe Laman and Lemuel may not be so different from me after all I read a chapter like this that reminds me that while I have failings and may have grumbled in a similar situation, I am nothing like Laman and Lemuel.  In verse 26 Lehi states that Laman and Lemuel are angry all the time with Nephi because Nephi speaks in plainness and is angry with them.  So, let's put that into modern terminology.  Laman and Lemuel want to kill Nephi all the time because, wait for it, Nephi yells at them!  Yup, according to Lehi that's all there is to it.  Nephi is trying to be a leader and he speaks angrily and perhaps even rudely to them.  This verse more than any other proves how corrupted Laman and Lemuel really are.  They are murderers in their hearts simply because they are evil men.

I have been angry at people before.  I have even wanted to get into a fist fight before with other people.  But never in all my life, have I wanted to just up and kill someone.  And for sure not because they were giving me correction.  Because that's what Nephi is doing.  He is telling them that they are wrong and then listing the reasons why.  Annoying?  Most definitely.  Worth killing over?  Don't make me laugh.  Who would kill someone that annoys them or that is constantly telling them that they are doing it wrong?  I understand correction can be difficult to take, but seriously, Laman and Lemuel are crazy, evil men and I am pleased to say I am nothing like them.  Until tomorrow.

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