Sunday, April 27, 2014

Put on Strength

Today I read 2 Nephi 8 where Jacob reads more of Isaiah to the Nephites.  I really liked one phrase in particular, "Awake awake and put on strength".  The phrase to put on strength is very well said in my opinion.  It means that we can do things to strengthen ourselves.  It reminds me of the scripture in Philippians 2:12 which tells us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.  It is up to us what we get out of this life.  If we want to become like God is, we have to work for that.  It we want to live in the mud and the filth of this world, then we don't need to do anything, it will drag us down on its own.  But if we want to awake and arise and put on strength, then we have to actually do something.  It's kind of like the escalator analogy I gave years ago.  This life is like walking up a "down" escalator.  If we do nothing, we will go down.  But if we put effort into it, we can rise above it and reach the top, but it will only happen if we put forth the effort.  That is why I like the phrase put on strength.  Until tomorrow.

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