Friday, April 25, 2014

Jacob is an Interesting Man

Today I read 2 Nephi 6 which is the first chapter in the Book of Mormon where Jacob is the speaker.  He is teaching the people of Nephi about the words of Isaiah and helping them to understand that they are applicable to the people of Nephi because they are of the house of Israel.  Jacob goes on to let the people know that Jerusalem has already been destroyed and that they were saved by the faithfulness of Lehi in bringing them out of Jerusalem when he did.  Jacob always struck me as a very strong, stalwart individual.  I would really have liked to have known him and been his friend.  He was so strong in the Gospel but he doesn’t seem to be as overly righteous like Nephi always did.  Maybe I am doing Nephi a disservice, but he always seemed so unapproachable to me.  Jacob on the other hand, always seemed like he would be anyone’s friend and a really nice man to be around.  I look forward to meeting him one day.  Until tomorrow.

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