Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nephi Flees His Brothers

Today I read 2 Nephi 5 where Nephi is warned to leave before his brothers cause him harm.  I just read this chapter the other day with my family for our family scripture study and I thought about it then too, but Nephi states that his sisters went with him into the wilderness.  What sisters is he talking about?  I remember Nephi stated he had sisters in 1 Nephi, but I thought they were married to the sons of Ishmael.  So did his sisters leave their husbands?  Or did Lehi and his wife have more daughters since they left Jerusalem?  I suspect the latter is actually what happened.  Even if Nephi’s sisters were wonderful women, which they clearly were, I can’t imagine them leaving their husbands and children to go with Nephi.

I also find this chapter very sad.  To know that Nephi and his followers had to fight their own family members.  That Laman and Lemuel were so evil that even after they had the leadership and after Nephi was gone, they couldn’t let it go and chased after him and his family with the intent to kill them.  That is true hatred and evil right there.  I have disliked some people in my time but once they were out of my life, I moved on!  I did not dwell on it and did not keep on letting it fester and boil in my mind.  But I have found that I am unique in that regard and most people are not like me.  It makes me sad.  I do wish we all could just get along, as clich√© as that statement is, I do wish it.  Some day we will.  Until tomorrow.

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