Thursday, April 10, 2014

God Delivers the American Nation Out of All Other Nation's Hands

Today I read 1 Nephi 13, usually when I read this chapter I am focused on the Bible and how it lost plain and precious truths like the angel tells Nephi.  However, today I was intrigued by a phrase I had always taken for granted before.  Nephi states that he saw the Gentiles come onto this land and that their mother Gentiles were gathered for war against them.  Most Latter-day Saints agree that Nephi saw the American Revolutionary war here.  But what Nephi says is they, meaning the inhabitants of the American continent, were delivered by the power of God.

This caught my attention.  What does it look like to have the power of God deliver you when you are seeing it in a vision?  Did Nephi just see them being victorious when they should not have been and attribute it to the Lord helping them?  Did the angel explain that the reason they could stand against all others is because of the power of God?  Or perhaps did Nephi see angels descending and helping them in their battles?  We are not told at all.  But it does make me wonder.  What does it look like in a vision, to have the power of God deliver you out of all other hands?  That would be something worth seeing I think.  Until tomorrow.

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