Saturday, April 26, 2014

Keep the Commandments

Today I read 2 Nephi 7 where Jacob quotes Isaiah 50 to the Nephites.  I really like the imagery of God always being there to welcome us.  That it is not Him that turns away from us, but rather we who turn away from Him.  We do it little by little each time we sin.  As we choose incorrectly we turn away from Him.  It is not a conscious choice at first, but rather something that happens as we choose incorrectly.  It is a natural consequence.  We slowly but surely lose our sensitivity to the things of the Gospel.  Then one day we find we have wandered far off and that the things of the Spirit make us feel bad because we feel guilty.  The thing to do is not start on the wrong path at all.  Keep the commandments and repent as soon as you realize you have made a mistake.  In this way we will keep ourselves from going astray and making it harder on ourselves.  Until tomorrow.

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