Sunday, March 31, 2013

Esther Reveals Haman's Treachery

Today I read Esther 7 where Esther reveals that Haman's plot will slay her, her cousin Mordecai, and all the Jews.  Fortunately for the Jews the king loves Esther and believes her and has Haman slain on the very gallows that Haman had built to kill Mordecai on.  Justice was served.  This story indeed has a happy ending, however, not the Lord will not step in every time to save the righteous.  I turn to the sad example of Amonihah in the Book of Mormon.  There were righteous in that city and yet the wicked were allowed to kill them in front of Alma and Amulek.  Alma stated it was for a testimony against the wicked and so it was.  There are times when the wicked are allowed to carry out their evil designs and slay the righteous and then there are times that they are not allowed and the righteous are spared.  I am quite certain that the Jews, Mordecai and Esther were grateful this is one of the latter times.  We must each of us accept the will of the Father and do that which is right in His sight.  We are all called to suffer trials however and must endure them with faith and humility.  Even the greatest who ever walked this earth was called upon to suffer the worst pains, sickness, loneliness and every other horrible human emotion there is and He did it with perfect faith and humility, as an example to us.  Can we do anything but emulate Him in order to be profitable servants?  Until tomorrow.

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