Friday, March 8, 2013

Serve God With All Your Heart

Today I read Ezra 3 where the priests finish building the altar and started offering sacrifices on it.  It is wonderful to read how excited they were to start worshiping their God in the proper way again.  It is always wonderful to see people who want to be doing what is right and what the Lord wants them to be doing.  Here are men who are so excited to be worshiping the Lord in the manner that they see fit that they cannot even wait until the Temple is completed.  What would it feel like to be so excited about keeping the commandments?  I think we should also have the same level of excitement and joy at doing what is right that these men had.  If we did that, we would not need to worry about falling away from the Lord or doing what is wrong in His sight.  We would be so consumed with being righteous we would not have time for anything else.  What profitable servants we could be then!  Until tomorrow.

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