Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Jerusalem is Destroyed

Today I read 2 Chronicles 36 which tells the story of the destruction of Jerusalem and the Kingdom of Judah by Babylon because of the wickedness of the people.  It is sad that an entire kingdom should suffer because of the stubbornness of one man, however, as the Book of Mormon prophet, Alma teaches, a wicked king causes much wickedness to come among his people.  These past few months of reading the 2 book of Kings and Chronicles has shown that whatever kind of person the king is, that is how the people will act also.  If the king follows the Law of Moses then his people will also.  However, if the king is wicked, the people fall right in line with what he is doing then also.  It is really sad to see honestly.  Now we enter a new portion of the Old Testament, the writings of the prophets!  It should be much more enjoyable to read.  Until tomorrow.

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