Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Esther is Chosen to be Queen

Today I read Esther 2 where Esther is chosen to be the new queen of Persia.  This is also the chapter where her cousin, Mordecai who has raised her from her childhood, exposes a plot to kill the king and he prevents him from being killed with the aid of Esther.  I have to say that as I was reading this particular chapter, I could not help but think about the Veggie Tales version of the story of Esther.  My daughter is 2 years old and so we watch a lot of Veggie Tales in our house and this one is particularly interesting and gives some unique spins on the story.  However, despite the comicalness of Veggie Tales, these were real people and the story of Esther is a powerful one as we will learn soon when we read the rest of it.  Until tomorrow.

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