Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"I Am Doing a Great Work and Cannot Come Down"

Today I read Nehemiah 6 which has long been one of my favorite chapters of the Old Testament.  The reason I like it so much is because it gives us a great example to follow.  The enemies of the Jews sought to make mischief and so they tried to lure Nehemiah out of the city under false pretenses.  Nehemiah's response is a perfect response for all of us to follow.  He tells the messenger that he is doing a great work and cannot come down.  In other words, he gives the exact same response that the Savior Himself gives later on in history, "I am about my Father's business". 

This is the exact same attitude that all of us should have.  We need to be focused on our Father's work and not get distracted by the things that are around us.  This life is full of distractions.  If we want to have an eye single to His glory, then we need to make sure that His priorities are our priorities.  We need to be about His business.  And when the challenges of life come our way, we need to say like Nehemiah did, that we are doing a great work and cannot come down.  If we were to always follow this principle, then we have nothing to fear from Satan and those that follow him.  We will always be safe.  Until tomorrow.

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