Friday, March 29, 2013

Esther Feeds the King and Haman

Today I read Esther 5 where Esther goes to the king and finds favor in his sight, or in other words, he does not kill her for showing up unannounced.  Esther invites the king and Haman to her house for a banquet, so that she can tell the king what Haman is planning.  However, for reasons not explained she instead invites the king to another banquet the following night.  Now, for most people, the fact that the queen had invited him over to dinner would be enough, but not for Haman.  I have a really hard time picturing these characters from the Book of Mormon and the Bible who are so set on murder and are literally so sad that there are people who do not bow down to them.  And so they decide to commit murder.  It's disgusting really.  As I have said before, I can't even warp my mind around the concept of killing someone, let alone killing someone because you feel they disrespected you.  It's ridiculous and yet some people are still acting this way in this day and age.  If we instead focused on pleasing God, not only will be feel happier, but it will be a better world.  Until tomorrow.

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