Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nehemiah Speaks Out Againt Jews Holding Other Jews in Servitude

Today I read Nehemiah 5 where some of the Jews are in bondage to other Jews.  This to me is absolutely reprehensible.  To hold another human being in bondage, I don't understand how anyone who even half way professes a belief in Christ can engage in such behavior.  The idea of holding another human in servitude or even outright slavery is cruel and evil in the extreme.  It is akin to rape in my mind.  To take away someone's freedom like that is exactly what Satan wanted to do to us and why he was cast out of God's presence and denied a body in the first place.  Well he was actually cast out for rebellion and because he wanted to take the glory of God for himself, but the reason for the rebellion is because he wanted to take away the agency of man, exactly what happens during a rape or being a slave.  This topic is so reprehensible to me I don't even want to discuss it any further.  Until tomorrow.

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