Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ezra Goes to Jerusalem

Today I read Ezra 7 where Ezra is given permission to return to Jerusalem and do what ever he needs to do in order to sacrifice to Heavenly Father.  It is so strange to me that the kings of Persia would be so concerned over God and gods that they don't worship.  It makes me wonder if perhaps they were like the Greeks and the Romans, afraid to offend gods that they didn't know and possibly thereby offend them.  Because every king of Persia that we have read about so far in the book of Ezra is very concerned with making sure the Jews are able to worship their God, the true God, in the proper way.  Perhaps it's just as simple as God stepping in to soften their hearts so that the Jews can build their temple.  I'm not really sure but it is nice to see those who have no reason to be nice to the Jews being so nice.  Until tomorrow.

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