Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Darius Allows the Jews to Complete the Temple

Today I read Ezra 6 where Darius tells the Samaritans to leave the Jews alone and let them build their temple.  It is good that Darius took the side of the Jews and ordered those in authority on the site to assist the Jews in any way possible, however it is a little disappointing that it was only after he had reviewed the original degree of king Cyrus.  I'm not sure if Darius was worried about going against the decree of a previous king or what his reasoning was for waiting until after he had reviewed the decree to issue his own.  Whatever his reasoning, he did the right thing and recognized that he was doing the work of God.  Or course not as impressive as if he had done the right thing for the sake of doing that which is righteous, but a good story nonetheless.  Especially considering the kings of Persia were not the most God fearing of individuals.  Until tomorrow.

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