Friday, March 1, 2013

The Israelites Turn to the Lord

Today I read 2 Chronicles 31 where King Hezekiah continues to help his people turn towards the Lord.  It is really neat to read about an entire people getting rid of all the false worship from admist them, almost like cleaning out an infected, or cancerous wound.  It is wonderful that Hezekiah was so able to motivate his people that they all turned back to the Lord with one accord.  I wonder if there were any people who didn't want to turn to the Lord and how that was handled.  I sometimes think it would be easier to force everyone to worship the Lord, but I know that is against the very foundation of what we fought for in the pre-earth life.  If we don't have our agency, or the ability to choose, then everything we stood for is pointless.  The whole point of this life is to choose for ourselves what it is we want, and then seek after it.  So it is really neat to see an entire people doing just that, choosing for themselves to worship Heavenly Father!  Until tomorrow.

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