Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What Makes Israel so Special?

Today I read Isaiah 32 and it talks about how the land of Israel will be desolate until the gathering and restoration of all things.  As I was reading, I have to say I was thinking about all the conflict over Jerusalem throughout the years.  And everything I have ever seen about Jerusalem tells me it is a desert.  To me that is just crazy, that's like fighting over Death Valley, California!  There are much better places to live.  But Jerusalem has always been special and wonderful because it is where Jesus Christ lived and walked.  But the other thought I had, since the land of Israel is really not that great, why did God choose that land for His people?  Was it better back in the time of Moses and only became a desert since that time? 

Heavenly Father declared it a land of promise from the beginning, perhaps it was to try the people of Israel, to give them trials and keep them humble.  I don't know.  But I do know that the only reason anyone wants it today is because it is considered holy due to the fact that Jesus lived there when He was on the earth.  Several Apostles have visited Jerusalem and they say that the Spirit is there is very strong, especially in the garden tomb.  I have never visited Israel, but perhaps one day I will have the chance and might be able to understand what makes it so special for myself.  Until tomorrow.

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