Monday, September 16, 2013

Rely on the Arm of Jehovah

Today I read Isaiah 43 where the Lord declares that there is no other Savior besides Him.  You would think such a statement would not need to be made, but in fact, we need to be reminded of it almost daily.  As a people, human beings rely on just about everything and everyone except the Savior, Him who created us.  We have even allowed imperfect science to tell us that there is no God because there is no evidence of God.  Elder Neal A. Maxwell said that true science and true religion are one and the same.  If there is ever a conflict between science and the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is the science that is at fault.  The true Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect, our science is not.  We need to trust in our prophets and those who know Him best to reveal His will to us and help us come closer to Him.  And the best part is, we don't have to have blind faith.  Each and every one of us can ask Heavenly Father if what we are hearing is indeed His will.  He will answer us.  It is a wonderful thought and very wonderful to know.  Until tomorrow.

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