Sunday, September 22, 2013

Is Anything Too Difficult for the Lord?

Today I read Isaiah 51 and I did really notice any particular verses so much as I did concepts.  As I was reading the idea came to me, "Is anything too difficult for the Lord?".  All my life I come across situations that are challenging and that seem impossible at times.  I find myself questioning how to get past it.  And when I do that, I have to remind myself that Heavenly Father is able to do anything.  Nothing is too hard for the Lord. 

I once gave a blessing to a young woman who was having trouble staying pregnant where the Lord told me exactly what was wrong with her that she couldn't stay pregnant.  I did not know the medical term so He described it to me.  When she went to the doctor, that was exactly what was wrong.  I once gave a blessing to a man while on my mission , a blessing of comfort.  Later, after I returned from my mission, a former companion of mine who assisted me in giving the blessing told me that he went with the man to get his Patriarchal Blessing and it directly quoted some of the things I had said.  I once gave a blessing to my father who told me afterwards that I was directly quoting from his Patriarchal Blessing, I have never read before or since, for part of the blessing. 

Heavenly Father can do amazing things if we will let Him.  And He works through us.  We are His tools and His instruments here on the earth.  If we will work with Him we will be privileged to see some of the greatest miracles He can perform.  I could go on and on and I felt prompted to only talk about blessings today.  Hopefully this will help someone who reads this and will be the miracle they need in their life.  I have faith that Heavenly Father will make it so.  Until tomorrow.

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