Friday, September 6, 2013

The Second Coming Will Destroy the Wicked

Today I read Isaiah 34 which talks about the Second Coming.  I once heard it said that to know what will happen at the Second Coming of the Savior, we need to look at what happened at the First Coming.  I think of it rather as what happened at His Resurrection.  Most, maybe all, of the wicked people in the Americas were killed by storms, earthquakes, fires and tornadoes.  The Lord wiped their wickedness off the face of the earth.  He will do so again when He comes again.  He will take all those that are wicked and not living and terrestrial law and remove them off of the earth.  There will be people from all walks of life and those that do not belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that are spared because they are righteous.  All those that can abide a terrestrial law will live and survive the glory of the Lord.  Elder Bednar stated that he meets people all the time that won't, perhaps even can't, look him in the eye when he shakes their hand.  If we cannot look an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ in the eye, how do we expect to look at the Savior and meet His gaze?  Food for thought and knowledge for the future.  Until tomorrow.

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