Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Desert Shall Blossom as the Rose

Today I read Isaiah 35 which as I read it, is about Utah.  Isaiah mentions that the redemption of Israel shall occur when the desert blossoms as a rose.  We know now, through the gift of hindsight that the desert blossoming as a rose is Utah, and the way that they transformed the desert into a sanctuary.  If I am not mistaken, Brigham Young even referenced this prophecy once to the Saints.  I may be mistaken about that though.  I cannot even begin to imagine who hard it must have been to turn an unforgiving wasteland like the Salt Lake Valley into the pleasant, enjoyable place to live it is now.  The lack of water alone must have been daunting.  You got to hand it to those early saints, they were dedicated.  But after all they had been through, perhaps turning a desert into a place to live with green plants wasn't so daunting after all.  I will close with a funny story from my past.  I am originally from Kentucky.  We had a family move out to Kentucky from Utah when I was around 15 years old.  Once the children or the father, I can't remember which, asked my family who planted all the trees.  At the time I was really confused because at that time I didn't know that most of the trees in Utah were planted and not growing up naturally.  My dad smiled and replied that God planted them.  It makes me chuckle to think about it still.  Until tomorrow.

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