Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Listening for Answers to Prayers

Today I read Isaiah 38 where the Lord agrees to let king Hezekiah live for 15 more years after Hezekiah prays and reminds the Lord how he has always kept the commandments and tried to do what was right.  The Lord also gives a pretty dramatic sign of the sun going back 10 degrees.  I have often wondered if the earth suddenly went backwards if anyone would notice it really.  I think this chapter gives me my answer, it clearly happened here, but other than it happening, no one really noticed or complained, at least that is recorded.  There were no real lasting effects that I can see.  Just a fun side note.

What I was really impressed about in this chapter is that the Lord granted Hezekiah's request.  In the scriptures, and in modern day life, the Lord doesn't usually change His will to match ours.  Now, He is our Father and loves us and wants us to be happy.  But I have not really seen too many examples of Heavenly Father doing really drastic things like lengthening out a person's life.  He does answer prayers, just not always in the manner we expect.  Often times He will use one of His servants to answer someone else's prayer.  I have found however, when things are really important, He tends to answer pretty quickly and definitively.  We just need to train ourselves in listening for those answers.  Until tomorrow. 

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