Saturday, September 28, 2013

We Are the Sum of Our Experiences

Today I read Isaiah 59 which kind of reminds me of the story Alma the Younger told his sons about his 3 day coma.  He was horrified at the prospect of standing before God and having God see all His sins.  Isaiah tells us here in this chapter that all of our sins will testify against us.  It is not a pleasant prospect!  There are plenty of things that I wish I had not done and would take them away if I could do it again.  I'm sure everyone has those moments/incidents in their lives.  I will say though that if by not doing those sins I would not meet my wife or have my daughter then I would still do them over again.  My family is too precious to me and I don't know if I could live without them.  Our experiences shape us, mold us, help us become who we are.  I would not be the man I am today if I had not served a mission.  I would not be as patient as I am today without serving a mission or babysitting my nieces and nephews all those years.  Everything we experience affects us.  For good or for ill, we are the sum of our experiences.

Now, this holds true for our personality when we arrive on this earth too.  We experience things in the pre-earth life too and they shape and mold our character.  Now all infants are created equal.  Some have more patience than others.  Some are just naturally happy.  Some seem to be predestined to get into trouble!  It's all because of our experiences before we were born on this planet.  We use them to better ourselves in this life.  Similarly, we need to use our experiences in this life to help mold us for the next one.  It's the only chance we have!  Until tomorrow.

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